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Our Group / About Us


"Sabba päpassa akaranan,
Kusalassa upasampadä,
Sachitta pariyö dapanan,
Etan Buddhänasäsanan"
"Avoid all evil,
Cultivate the good and the true,
Purify your heart
This is the Teaching of the Lord Buddhas"

-What We Believe In-

"Born to Disrupt" Our Mindset!

Our aim is geared towards achieving and living by Our Motto to which are have formed out mindset, “Born to Disrupt”, we are not the most perfect but we continuously learn and grow towards perfect, we learn from our mistakes, we accept our faults, we make undoubtedly go an extra mile to make the smile in the face of everyone, including our customers, partners, employees, suppliers, leadership and mentors.

We are continuously on the lookout for new challenges, newer learnings and feedback from whoever it maybe, we are geared to Customer Excellence and Product Perfection crafted by Specialist Team of Inspired Individuals!

It’s a startup forever! Founded in 2012, and incorporated under the Companies Act of 2007 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in 2014 by its founder Siddhartha Nanayakkara. The startup was uniquely formed under the concept of a "Zero Capital Company"; which means that during the inception of the organization there was not capital investment nor raised in order to run its operations. Instead, the concepts of services were sold to customers, and the revenue gathered through that was invested to grow the organization to its current status.
SKY Alliances was initially formed as a consulting business inspired by the possibilities to be more innovative, productive and cost efficient through digital media and technology transformation, then overtime, the company through its strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google and Facebook including many other valuable advocate and campaign partners, diversified its horizons.

In 2015, the company ventured into Software Development under the brand of SKY Business of Leveraged Technology (Private) Limited (SKY BOLT) , a fully owned subsidiary of SKY Alliances Group. The previously established SKY Alliances at this point became the holding company for this and the future subsidiaries of the group, therefore the name engraved as "SKY ALLIANCES GROUP".

The software engineering arm was soon invited by Microsoft to partner for their solutions development and licensing. Immediately afterwards the founder was excited to venture into a disruptive learning solutions platform originally crafted by SKY. The founder, chief executive himself by this time had spent nearly an intense 10 years in the education sector and educated over 20,000 students by the time for various qualifications, the architect of the Vihayas Learning Solutions platform.
The SKY ALLIANCES GROUP also has its international presence in the United States, Malaysia, The Maldives, and Singapore and soon in few some exciting locations, with its Head Quarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Our Group / Our Culture


"Born to Disrupt"


"Empowering the Future, Revolutionizing Learning"

Our Statement

It’s a start up forever! We are not faced by competition, awards nor opinions formed by others, we are born to be ourselves and do what we are great at. At SKY we want to be known for the products we builds, services we provide, that will be remembered by people, inspire them and make them advocates of

For Employees :

Join us if you are unbounded

For Clients :

Work with us if you want to be out of this planet

For Partners :

If you think you a challenge taker

For Suppliers & Procurement :

Join us if you are unbounded

For the rest who don’t fit this :

Sit down, relax and watch the way we play!

The SKY culture is open, there is enough space to be innovative, stand upside down and even to fail. We accept no defeat, resilience is a key ingredient in the oxygen we breathe at SKY, therefore even if we fail, we get to track faster than anyone else would do and with more confidence from the lessons learnt. We are unbounded, hence the company was name "SKY – Unbounded and Second to None".

We are always open for integration, collaboration and partnership, hence the later part of our company name was crafted "Alliances – Openness to Collaborate, Give, Share & Grow"

The company practices a very flat structure, with an open door policy, allowing each and every individual in the company to share knowledge, not just specific to the projects or assignments that they are assigned to but their pet projects, ideas and the celebration of true craziness! Come connect with us and get to know us better, why wait, come over, grab a cup of coffee!
Our Group / Our Management


"Leadership is in your blood, cultivated over time and molds with experiences and perfected by empowering new inspiring leaders." – Siddhartha Nanayakkara

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Siddhartha Nanayakkara

Group Chief Executive | Director
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Pathum Priyankara

Group Chief Operations | Director

At SKY the leadership team takes a completely different role from a traditional board of directors or management team. The team key responsibility is to manage, support and motivate extraordinary performance and innovative to its extend family (employees), while assuring the best customer experience and excellency through the cutting edge services extended by SKY, in collaboration with its strategic partners globally.